Canary Jam Media A Special Tribute: Armed Forces Day 2020 -

A Special Tribute: Armed Forces Day 2020

Armed Forces Day 2020.

A Special Tribute: Armed Forces Day 2020

On this very special day we think that it is important to remember those who have fought on our behalf, both in the past and the present. Here is our special tribute to our armed forces on Armed Forces Day 2020.

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are that we have a choice as to whether to fight or not. In the past, many chose to fight as they felt it was their duty for king and country.

There is very little doubt that we are all immensely proud of our armed forces personnel. Particularly as they continue to defend our freedoms and tend to our needs. They do this all selflessly and courageously.

The Covid-19 epidemic demonstrated just how important they are in continuing to help distribute PPE to those who need it. They continue to serve so that we can live in freedom. They all do amazing work at every level and across all of the regiments. Without their logistical expertise it would have been very difficult to ensure that our NHS staff and keyworkers had the PPE, as and when they needed it.

To all of our armed forces: we salute you on this very special day. This is your day to celebrate and rejoice.

As it’s the seventy fifth anniversary this year of both VE Day and VJ Day, we felt that it was entirely appropriate to express our sentiments.

In particular, we’d like to thank the soldiers of the East Surrey Regiment who fought so valiantly in Malaya during WWII. Also, the soldiers of the Commonwealth who are a credit to us all, and who helped us to fight the Japanese. Thank you!

Today we are including some images from own families’ archives to share with you all. Feel free to share your own images and remembrances with us. We have so much to be thankful for.

We will be commemorating the occasion with our own festivities, so stay tuned to social media. You heard it here first!

Please do share your own memories of the day with us and remember to include the hashtags: @CanaryJamMedia, #ArmedForcesDay and #SaluteOurForces.

Images courtesy of Brian Meredith, 2020.

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