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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO ensures that you site is found for the correct search terms, and that it ranks highly within the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This means that customers are more likely to see your listing and to click through to your site.

We can help your website rank for the right keywords and can provide on-doing advice and guidance, to help build the online reputation of your site. In turn this will lead to more sales.

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"Great SEO is essential for all businesses, because it ensures that your site is being found by your ideal clients".

Search Engine Optimisation

Great SEO is essential for all businesses, because it ensures that your site is being found by your ideal clients. Without it, your website could sink without a trace, and you could be missing out on valuable sales opportunities.

Some sites suffer from a poor layout or SEO, so they are effectively downgraded by the search engines. Don’t let this happen, let us help you succeed online!

Search Engine Optimisation can sometimes seem to be a bit of a dark art. But fortunately for you, we can help de-mystify it.
There are two types of SEO: Organic and Paid.

Organic SEO

Organic is also referred to as Natural Search because it refers to the on-page elements of your site that appear within the listings on Google. Organic SEO is used to help your site get found, and it also includes the flow of the site as well.

SEO is important because if it is done incorrectly it can really damage the reputation of your website. And the search engines rely on good quality SEO so that they can crawl, index and then finally rank your site. So it has be done properly, otherwise no one will know about your business. Also, the search engines will punish your site if the SEO is done badly, so all of our SEO services focus on how we can improve what you already have.

Paid SEO

Paid SEO or Paid Search as it is also known, is where a business chooses to advertise with any of the major search engines. That is to say, Google, Bing or Yahoo.

It is important to decide early on which search engines to advertise with, as the location of where your ideal clients are will determine which search engines you invest with. For example, Google is very popular in the Western world, but if your clients are situated in Asia, then it might be worth advertising with Yahoo instead. In the Far East, Yahoo is a more popular search engine than Google, so it therefore has a much larger market share.

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Crisis Management

Sometimes misunderstandings occur online and communications go awry. That’s where we can help.

Crisis management and social media go hand in hand. Don’t struggle in silence, let us help you resolve your online disputes with our specialist Crisis Management packages.

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“Excellent and professional service from Lucy. She has helped me improve my Linked In experience, and I would recommend her for all your social media needs.”
Simon Etter, Mortgages Surrey

Why you need to have an SEO Audit

Before we start any SEO or digital marketing services it is important that we undertake a thorough assessment of your site, to take stock of its current deficiencies and to identify areas for improvement. All of our digital marketing activities will direct people to your website, so it really is essential that it works for you and your business.

Once we’ve undertaken an audit we can then determine exactly what needs to be done.

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N.B. We always recommend to our clients that it’s worth exploring the on-page elements of SEO first, to ensure that your website is working correctly. Additionally, this means that we avoid investing in paid SEO before your site has started to gain traction. Otherwise, we could be driving people to a site that is only flying half-mast.

Why us?

Your website is your customers’ first port of call before they decide to work with you, so it has to make a positive impression. That’s where we can help!

amazing packages

We offer SEO packages tailored to your needs and suitable for multiple budgets. So depending on what you need, we can create the ideal solution for you.

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Case study

Whiteley Autos, Woking

The Project Brief

To attract new customers and to become better known in the Woking area.

Marketing Tools

In order to forfill the client brief objectives we used the following marketing tools:
Social media marketing
social listening
website development
Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Whiteley Autos, Woking

Before we started working with Whiteley Autos they struggled to attract their ideal clients. They also were unable to understand how to engage and interact with potential customers on social media.

Since we started working with them, they now understand how important it is to have a regular presence on social media in order to generate new leads.

As a result, they have become much better known in the Woking area.
We reached over 26,000 people
We generated 708 leads
We saw 964 people click through to their website.

Another Successful Campaign

We’ve had a lot of success with Facebook Ads. In our most recent campaign we reached over 26,000 people in the Woking area and successfully generated 708 leads for their business. Throughout the Lockdown we created adverts on their behalf, which have generated a significant amount of business. In one campaign alone we saw 964 people click through to their website, as a result of our video-based ads.

How we helped

Figure 1 Whiteley Autos Facebook Feed. (Before they started working with us).
Figure 1 Whiteley Autos Facebook Feed. (Before they started working with us).
"Add a whiteley autos testimonial quote text here, short sweet to the point to promote your brand".

Whiteley Autos, Woking


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Hampshire SEO experts

Whatever your business needs we have an SEO service to suit your business model, and to get the results you want.

Seo Services

Great SEO is essential for all businesses, because it ensures that your site is being found by your ideal clients. Without it, your website could sink without a trace, and you could be missing out on valuable sales opportunities.
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social adverts

Amplify your brand on social with paid advertising.
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social media marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the jewels in the digital marketer’s crown.

It is designed to build trust between brands and their fans, and to ultimately direct leads to the business’s website.
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google pay per click

Pay-Per-Click is a highly effective way to reach new customers and to gain exposure online. But it needs to be done correctly, otherwise you could be paying over the odds. Don’t struggle in silence, let us help you!
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video marketing

More people than ever before are on social media, so it is getting increasingly difficult to reach new customers in what is a very competitive market.
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marketing events

Online Masterclasses are a great way to brush up on your existing skills and knowledge and to ask questions.

These events are the perfect opportunity to network, as well as meeting other like-minded businesses.
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