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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the jewels in the digital marketer’s crown. It is designed to build trust between brands and their fans, and to ultimately direct leads to the business’s website.
One of the many benefits of social media is that it is actionable as well as informative. The analytics can be used to inform future strategies, and this in turn helps businesses to make better marketing decisions.

Why you should be using social media

Using social media to market your business has many advantages: firstly, it can boost the online presence of your brand, and secondly, it can help you to reach your ideal clients.

According to the Digital Marketing Institute; statistics have shown that social media users, particularly those who are highly engaged, contribute to 42% of the World’s population. Meaning that there are about 3.2 billion active users on these platforms. This gives businesses the opportunity to market themselves to vast audiences of potential customers.

If you know that as a business you are struggling to make a splash on social, then it is important first that we undertake a thorough audit of your social media channels before embarking on any projects.
"Lucy has taken on our social media project and has really delivered for us. She is enthusiastic in her work and quickly understood our business and branding. I can highly recommend her.”
Alistair Carter, Mediate UK.

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Case Study

Squirrels Antiques, Basingstoke

The Project Brief

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Marketing Tools

In order to forfill the client brief objectives we used the following marketing tools:
Social media marketing
Social Listening and Selling Techniques

Squirrel’s Antiques,

Before we started working with Squirrel’s Antiques they were struggling to get people to come into their store. Therefore, it was difficult for them to make any sales. Also, when a prospective client got in touch via their Facebook page, they were often slow to respond. This caused a lot of disappointment and missed opportunities. Due to the lack of a website, it was essential that we taught them to embrace social media as a means to reach their customers.
"it was essential that we taught them to embrace social media as a means to reach their customers".
three adverts were seen by over 197,000 people
12,377 positive actions by potential customers
over 5,000 people watched their videos.

Another Successful Campaign

Now, they are in a much better place thanks to the trio of ad campaigns that we ran for them. In total, the three adverts were seen by over 197,000 people, which resulted in 12,377 positive actions by potential customers in the Basingstoke area. This resulted in 8 new on-going relationships and over 5,000 people watched their videos.
Needless to say, the client was delighted with the results. Since we worked together he has made their social media activities a priority and has thanked us for our “Instant response”, when interacting with their potential customers. We worked together over a month to develop a pipeline of customers, ready for the store re-opening.
Alan Stone, Owner of Squirrels Antiques.
Image courtesy of: Stewart Turkington.

How we helped

A collection of jewellery supplied by Squirrel's Antiques
Figure 1 - One of the images of gold and silver jewellery that was supplied by Squirrels Antiques; and which appeared in the video adverts we created for them.
Figure 2 - Another one of the images of precious metal jewellery which was supplied by Squirrels Antiques. This one includes gold and silver engagement rings, and heart-shaped pendant necklaces. This image appeared in one out of the three video adverts we created on their behalf.

“Lucy was amazing, helped us through the mine field of social media.”

Squirrels Antiques

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social media marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the jewels in the digital marketer’s crown.

It is designed to build trust between brands and their fans, and to ultimately direct leads to the business’s website.
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