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Hampshire Independents: a vote for change campaign

Hampshire Independents are an exciting, independent political party dedicated to giving the people of Hampshire a voice.

The client approached us in March 2021 as they wanted us to promote the party in advance of the May 2021 elections. This was an enormous challenge, due to the Covid restrictions which did not allow door-to-door canvassing, or any of the usual political campaigning.

We also only had two months to reach as wide an audience as possible. To compound that, the party was unknown as it had only just launched in January 2021.

One of the biggest challenges we had was that Hampshire Independents didn't have a brand as such, apart from a single logo. So we decided to develop the branding and overall brand design in order to compete with the major parties, such as the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

All of the established parties have an extremely strong online presence, so we conducted competitor research to understand how and what the key messages should be, and how to set the party apart from their competitors.

"As Chairman of the Hampshire Independents, I was painfully aware of our inadequate branding, but wasn’t sure of the steps to take to address it. Similarly, modern politics is dependent on a powerful online presence, and simply put, we didn’t have one."- Stan Tennison, Chairman, Hampshire Independents.

Creative Portfolio: Hampshire Independents

Portfolio: Hampshire Independents

The campaign challenges

Initially, our main measures of success were the reach and engagement figures that we gathered from social media, as well as the public’s response to our graphics and overall messaging.

At the start of the project we decided to heavily promote our candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), Steve James-Bailey, because we knew that he would stimulate a lot of interest. The role of PCC is very high-profile, and always garners a significant amount of media coverage. Also, we knew that by promoting him over some of our other candidates we stood a better chance of promoting the party.

Another challenge we had was that the public felt very strongly about the police and crime commissioner position, and as a former police officer Steve James-Bailey attracted a lot of criticism. This was not helped by the negative news stories about the police which were circulating at the time. So to counteract this, we focused on sharing positive insights about the police, and we asked the public for their opinions early on to tailor the campaign accordingly.

"When we launched the campaign, we were expecting to achieve between 2-3% of the vote share, as this is realistic for most new political parties." - Lucy Dean.

Creative Portfolio: Hampshire Independents
Creative Portfolio: Hampshire Independents

"From the very beginning it was very challenging because the mainstream media focused on the main party candidates, so we really had to fight to get fair coverage. However, the regional media outlets were extremely supportive and helped us gain traction early in the campaign." - Lucy Dean.

“"In a relatively short period of time she had developed our logo, influenced the design and layout of our website and had drawn on her graphic design skills to develop our signage, billboards, and social media platform. Lucy also undertook video production and editing to further extend the reach and diversity of our messages."
Stan Tennison

Chairman, Hampshire Independents
Creative Portfolio: Hampshire Independents - Policing in Hampshire Campaign with Steve James-Bailey

Creative portfolio - Hampshire Independents

About the project

Services provided: social media marketing, graphic design, video and public relations

Due to the Covid restrictions, we realised that the usual methods of political canvassing were unlikely to work. So instead our primary focus was to publicise the party and its candidates online. We did this by utilising strong visuals, video and public relations to reach a wider audience.

Using social media as a tool for communication turned out to be a great move, as we rapidly grew the social media channels of the PCC candidate.

The social media graphics and videos we created piqued peoples' curiosity, and certainly attracted some censure from certain quarters. However, we were able to use our public relations skills to skilfully intercept the communications which were directed at us by people of other political persuasions. Having said that, most people were hugely supportive of our campaign which was great.

"We rapidly discovered that politics can be very divisive, and the public certainly kept us on our toes!" - Canary Jam Media

Steve James-Bailey's Five Point Plan For Policing in Hampshire and IOW

The client asked us to create a series of inspiring visuals to represent the five elements of Steve James-Bailey's plan for policing.

Steve James-Bailey is a very thoughtful and considerate person who is passionate about helping victims of crime get the support they need. During his time in the Police he was specially trained to help victims of serious sexual assaults and drug offences. Therefore, the graphics we created had to represent his values, as well as those of the party.

After careful consideration, we duly presented them with the following visuals which they were delighted with.

Creative portfolio - Hampshire Independents - 5 Point Plan For Policing

The results

We are hugely proud of the results we achieved for the party. By Polling Day, we were reaching over 73K people on Steve James-Bailey’s PPC Facebook page, and our posts had over 15.9K engagements. Overall, the Hampshire Independents secured a vote share of 12-13%, which is 6x greater than any of us expected. Adam Brown, former leader of the Libertarian Party UK, said this result was “amazing”.



Hampshire Independents


Canary Jam Media


Scott Neville


Alan Stone


Stan Tennison


Steve James-Bailey


John Edwards


Spencer Cleary

“The leadership team were introduced to Lucy and Canary Jam Media; a serendipitous event as the brand and online presence issues were not only addressed, but Lucy’s output exceeded all our expectations."
Stan Tennison

Chairman, Hampshire Independents

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