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It's time to unleash your creativity and make you and your brand stand out. We have over six years experience in digital marketing and are certified by the Digital Marketing Institute, so we are ideally placed to help you reach your ideal clients.

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Video Marketing

More people than ever before are on social media, so it is getting increasingly difficult to reach new customers in what is a very competitive market. The great news is that video can help cut through the noise, and ensure that your brand is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.
Video is by far one of the most engaging forms of content marketing, so let us help you reach your ideal clients with custom-made videos designed to tell your brand’s story.

How can video help me get more customers?

Video is a highly effective medium for attracting new customers. We know this because video posts tend to perform ten times better than image-based posts on social media. It’s partly because the posts themselves are highly engaging; but also because they build the know, like and trust factor.

On average it takes thirteen times for people to see or hear from you before they will get in touch. Consequently, video is the ideal medium for online marketing because it helps you to build relationships with others. Particularly, if you are speaking to camera in the form of a question and answer session, or as part of an interview. People love to hear each other’s stories so it is perfect.

Video has also been proven to cut down on the time it takes someone to get in touch with you, because having seen your video they already feel like they know you. So, not only does it bring your brand story to life, but it actually helps you to attract new customers. It’s a win-win!

Let us help you bring your brand to life through video! We offer tailor-made video marketing solutions to businesses based in the Basingstoke area.

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“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lucy Dean at Canary Jam Media. I have learned so much with Lucy. She was very patient with a Facebook Novice like me from Day One!

My knowledge has now grown with every session. The thing I love about working with Lucy is not only her expertise and teaching but also her help creating a bespoke social media strategy specifically suited to me personally and my business.”

Kathryn Austin, Kathryn Austin Flowers

experts in seo services

When I was a young man, even a teenager for that matter, I always had an optimism that was hard for to overcome.

Seo Services

Great SEO is essential for all businesses, because it ensures that your site is being found by your ideal clients. Without it, your website could sink without a trace, and you could be missing out on valuable sales opportunities.
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social Media Advertising

Amplify your brand on social with paid advertising.
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social media marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the jewels in the digital marketer’s crown.

It is designed to build trust between brands and their fans, and to ultimately direct leads to the business’s website.
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google pay per click

Pay-Per-Click is a highly effective way to reach new customers and to gain exposure online. But it needs to be done correctly, otherwise you could be paying over the odds. Don’t struggle in silence, let us help you!
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video marketing

More people than ever before are on social media, so it is getting increasingly difficult to reach new customers in what is a very competitive market.
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marketing events

Online Masterclasses are a great way to brush up on your existing skills and knowledge and to ask questions.

These events are the perfect opportunity to network, as well as meeting other like-minded businesses.
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