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Crisis Management Case Study

Published on
December 8, 2020
CJM Team

One of our clients is a very successful entrepreneur based in the Basingstoke area. For many years he has juggled a jewellery business, an antiques shop, as well as a property portfolio.

Before we started working with him, he was being spammed all over Facebook by a disgruntled tenant who was living in one of his properties.

The tenant was unhappy with the condition of his property; and was using social media to attract my client’s attention in order to tarnish his reputation. We stepped in because we realised very quickly that the problem was unlikely to go away by itself. We decided to “nip the situation in the bud” and to contact the tenant directly, even though it was outside our original remit.

When we manage social media campaigns on behalf of our clients we also manage their online reputations. We take great pride and care in ensuring that all of the content that is shared is in keeping with their brand, and the communications are always on point.

In this particular case, the tenant was clearly dissatisfied with the service that he had received both from the lettings agent and my client. We stepped in immediately to help diffuse what was an extremely tense situation. At one point, they were actually calling out my client on social media and were making very personal and pointed remarks towards him.

Fortunately, we were able to resolve the situation within a couple of hours just by talking to my client and the tenant. As it turned out, it was simply an error in communication (on the part of the lettings agent, my client and/or the tenant). You see, my client had already offered them alternative accommodation which was ready for them to move into. So it was simply a case of us getting in touch with the tenant, and managing the communications between them and my client. By the end of the conversations, the tenant thanked us for “helping them to get things moving again”. Later, my client also thanked us for our “instant response” on social media, because we were able to resolve the situation to everyone’s satisfaction.

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